Dave, the operations manager and principle tour guide, has a family history with the North West Cape. His father Frank Mongan was the first permanent customs officer in Exmouth in 1967 and his grandfather Mathew was involved with the ground crew at Learmonth airport during World War II.   Dave, a qualified surveyor with 15 years in the mining and exploration industry, has worked extensively throughout the Pilbara and has always had an affiliation for the desolate expanses of the Australian outback. His love for the great outdoors and his passion for the North West Cape have brought him back to the area he adores.  This broad experience in exploration of the North-West has given Dave a deep appreciation and knowledge base of the region, enabling him to deliver an authentic Aussie Adventure.  Dave was recognised in 2009 when he was named as a finalist in the Facet Golden Guide highlighting his passion for the both the area, and a job that allows him to indulge his love of adventure and exploration. 


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