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Ningaloo Marine Park: is a virtually untouched fringing reef 260km in length protecting a shallow brilliant white sandy lagoon of clear tropical waters. One of the rare places on earth where you are able to walk from the beach straight onto a coral reef brimming with fish and coral. More than 500 species of tropical fish and 250 species of coral make up the protected marine park of the Ningaloo Reef.

Your visit to Exmouth will coincide with one of these wonderful marine events:

April to July: following the mass of spawning of coral the world’s biggest species of fish the whale shark congregate in the Ningaloo Marine Park. These massive filter feeders can grow up to 12m long. Ningaloo Reef is one of the only places they appear regularly in large numbers.

June to November: the majestic humpback whales migrate north to Broome to give birth in the warmer Indian Ocean Waters. On their way back down to their feeding grounds in Antarctica mothers rest with their new born babies in the Exmouth Gulf. This is a very special time to observe mother teaching their young how to fend for themselves.

November to March: Marine turtles, including the Green, loggerhead and hawksbill begin mating and nesting along the beaches of the Jurabri and Ningaloo marine parks.

Hatchlings begin there dash for the waters from January to April.

Ask us for more information regarding turtle tours.


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