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Jinigudira welcome you to country!

Ningaloo Safari tours would like to recognise and acknowledge, Jinigudira people, as the traditional custodians of the land on which they operate.  The Jinigudira, a part of the West Thalandji people, and their predecessors, have lived in this region for at least the last thirty thousand years, and likely much longer. The Jinigudira were coastal frequenting people inhabiting the North West Cape.  This tribe occupies the Northern tip of the Cape from Tent Island in the gulf across to Bulbari Point south of Coral Bay in the west.The Baijunju inhabited further south to Manilya and are also part of the Thalandji tribal territory.

One of the oldest known pieces of jewellery in the world – an ornamental string of beads made of cone shell was found near Mandu Mandu  Creek, and has been dated at around 32,000 years old.  The ocean, the estuaries, rivers, creeks and springs, and tidal areas are immeasurably important parts of West Thalanyji spiritual life. Respect for the land and water is implicit at all times along with respect for their culture.

North West Cape Exmouth Aboriginal Corporation (NWCEAC) represents the traditional owners of the Ningaloo region.  Conservation of the marine life and coast is critical to their culture and identity. The custodians of the North West Cape, the Dale families, (children of the late Sydney Dale) work together with the Gnulli Traditional Elders to preserve the cultural heritage of the North West Cape and Gnulli Native Title Claim area.



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