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Cape Range National Park: is a spectacular place of rugged limestone ranges, breathtaking deep canyons and 50kms of pristine beaches. The park is 40km from Exmouth and covers over 50,000 hectares. Cape Range is abundant with native wildlife. Commonly sighted are emus, euros and red kangaroos, bungarras, bustards, echidnas and a wide variety of bird life.

In ancient times the North West Cape was isolated as rising sea levels inundated lower lying areas. The Cape range is the "backbone" of the cape and is the remains of the ancient sea floor, thrust upwards by movements in the earth's crust. Ningaloo Coast provides a window into the evolution of reefs, changing sea levels and the movement of continents over time. The unique landscape allows scientists to gain an understanding of biological and geological evolution over the past 150 million years.

Cape Range peninsula is built from skeletons of ancient reefs that gradually emerged from under the sea, the underground caves house rare fauna. Many species of fauna and flora are endemic to the area such as the Cape Range Grevillia and the red centered variety of the Stuart Desert Pea. Cape Range boasts an over 630 species of flowering plants. No better time is there to see the colourful splendor than in late winter when the wildflowers bloom. From August to September see carpets of Mulla Mulla and lashes of brilliant colour as you 4WD over 50kms of remote outback tracks.

One of the highlights of the park is Yardie Creek where deep blue water lies imprisoned between the vertical cliffs, creating an atmosphere of tranquility, sublime isolation and magic. A sandbar traps the water and the striking reflections of the sheer canyon's multi-coloured bands are breathtaking. The gorge is a haven to an abundance of bird species that nest amongst the shear cliff faces. These rocky cliff faces are also the home of the timid and endangered Black Footed Rock Wallaby.
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