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On 24 June 2011, the World Heritage Committee decided to inscribe the Ningaloo Coast on the World Heritage List, acknowledging it as one of the outstanding natural places in the world.
The Ningaloo Coast was inscribed on the World Heritage List for its natural beauty and biological diversity. In particular, the Ningaloo Coast was included on the World Heritage list in recognition of its:
    • aesthetically striking coastal and terrestrial environment of the Ningaloo Reef adjacent to the Cape Range
    • the lush and colourful underwater scenery and its contrast with the arid and rugged land
    • opportunity for visitors to encounter one of the world’s largest
    • annual aggregations of whale sharks, as well as other marine, mammals, turtles and manta rays
    • unusual diversity of marine turtle species
    • rare and diverse plants and animals of Cape Range, particularly the subterranean cave creatures.


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